Urban Forestry Best Management Practices

Urban Forestry Best Management Practices for Preventing the Introduction and Spread of Invasive Species

Invasive species impact Wisconsin’s urban forests by decreasing biodiversity and reducing benefits that forests provide, while burdening communities with exorbitant control costs. Our urban forests are comprised of all the trees, shrubs, groundcovers and associated vegetation in and around communities of all sizes. Invasive species pose a threat to these urban and community forests which provide important environmental, social and economic services such as reduced storm water run-off, improved air quality, energy conservation, improved public health and increased property values.

With direction from the Wisconsin Council on Forestry and the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council, an advisory committee of 21 representatives from the green industry, government agencies, municipalities, non-profit organizations and trade associations came together to develop Wisconsin’s Urban Forestry Best Management Practices for Preventing the Introduction and Spread of Invasive Species. The final product was vetted by the public through an open comment period in order to incorporate input from all sectors of the urban forestry community. The BMPs are voluntary standards of practice to aid in the management and control of invasive plants, insects and diseases in and around Wisconsin’s “built environments”.

Urban forestry professionals and homeowners alike can play a role in helping to reduce the impacts of invasive species by following the practices outlined in this manual. The goal is to provide guidance by incorporating invasive species considerations into routine urban forestry activities. Ultimately, everyone involved in the care and management of trees, shrubs and other vegetation shares in the responsibility of preventing and controlling invasives. By taking reasonable and practical precautions today, we can help protect Wisconsin’s urban forests and other lands into the future.

Urban Forestry BMP Manual

Download the entire UF BMP manual with appendices:

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The UF BMP Manual will be revisited on a periodic basis and revised as necessary.

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