Outdoor Recreation Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices for Preventing the Spread of Invasive Species by Outdoor Recreation Activities in Wisconsin

Invasive Species have been called a "catastrophic wildfire in slow motion" and are a profound threat to Wisconsin's forests. Recreational users of Wisconsin's forests are taking an active role in halting the spread of invasive species by participating in the development of Recreation Best Management Practices for Invasive Species in Wisconsin Forests.

Through their varied forest-based activities, hikers, hunters, horseback riders, anglers, birders, and motorized vehicle riders among others can unknowingly cause new infestations of harmful invasive species in previously unaffected forest ecosystems. Recreation BMPs will form the foundation of an educational approach that informs and assists recreational users from a diversity of stakeholder groups to control the spread of invasive species and mitigate their negative ecological and economic impacts.

Recreation BMP Manual

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