Forestry Best Management Practices for Invasive Species


In 2006, representatives of Wisconsin’s forestry community made a commitment to protect the native biodiversity and economic productivity of the state’s forests through the development of voluntary Forestry Best Management Practices (BMPS) for Invasive Species. The original charge came from the Wisconsin Council on Forestry (a stakeholder organization that advises the governor). The Forestry Invasive Leadership Team, which provided the technical assistance to the Forestry Council, guided the process and developed a set of voluntary guidance for landowners, loggers, and land managers.

From the outset, everyone involved in the process has been committed to the common goal of sustaining the productivity and viability of Wisconsin’s forest resources. As a result of the variety of perspectives and experiences of participants and their commitment to opening this process up to all stakeholders, the resulting BMPs will be effective and reasonable to implement. The final product has been vetted by the public through listening sessions in order to incorporate input from all sectors of the forestry community.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources-Forestry Division, in partnership with the Wisconsin Council on Forestry, facilitated the development of the BMPs with funding from the US Forest Service. The BMPs offer a framework for addressing the state’s invasives problems. The Forestry BMPs for Invasive Species Manual offers voluntary practices that can be integrated with forest management activities. The manual includes standards of practice that will aid landowners, land managers, and loggers in limiting the introduction and spread of invasive plants, invertebrates, and diseases.

Advisory Committee

Forestry BMP Manual

The Field Manual will be revisited on a periodic basis and revised as necessary to address issues that arise during implementation. Appendices G, H and I will be revised as necessary to keep them up-to-date.

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